We have found a great solution in this indoor tripod.  It can be used to hang your clothes after you have steamed them or simply to bypass the dryer for a cost saving measure.  It holds up to 36 garments and only stands 65 inches tall and 26 inches wide.  As usual, it folds away when not in use and can stand in a corner or rest on a shelf.  Assembly is pretty easy although a little confusing at the beginning.   The center pole is sturdy and made out of metal while the side arms are rigid plastic.  I think this hanger could also work well for traveling if you needed it for lightweight costumes or clothing.   It does not come with a carrying case so you would have to fashion something up.  The manufacturer should add this in future models because we think it would be a good addition.  This is a great addition to your laundry room and clothes steamer tool set.  Enjoy!

steamed my clothes