The Salav GS45 is a professional garment steam that features a powerful 1500W motor that can heat up water in order to produce steam in as little as 45 seconds and then provide you with over sixty minutes of continuous steam. With so much going on for the GS45, it’s simple to realize that you can easily use it in order to steam a lot of clothes without having to worry about refilling the 61 oz water tank. No matter if you need to clean or straighten wrinkles from upholstery, drapes or clothes, the GS45 is going to handle all of them like a champ.

However, Salav didn’t want to design just another clothes steamer and that is why they fitted the GS45 with a mini ironing paddle, a fabric brush and a pants press to make steaming your favorite clothes even easier. In order to regulate hose surface heat and maintain steam temperature, this model comes with a 4.6 foot double insulated hose, while the dual telescopic bar makes storing the Salav GS45 a breeze, but also improves its stability. On top of that, if it overheats or if there is no more water left in the water tank, then the steamer is going to turn off automatically.