How would you feel if someone would tell you that there is a product that combines an ironing board and an iron in a single product? Well, if you doubt one such product exists, then behold the new Steamfast SF-680. This is a digital fabric steam press that can effortlessly remove deep wrinkles in just seconds by intelligently distributing the amount of steam on the garments without damaging them.

The SF-680 also comes with a non-stick pressing surface that is nine times larger when compared to the majority of conventional irons and therefore saves you a lot of time and makes steaming much more enjoyable. However, we’ve all had clothes that had extremely stubborn wrinkles to remove and if your old steamers couldn’t remove them, then the SF-680 is up to the task. How? Well, this is possible thanks to its steam burst function that allows you to get a professional creased look without a trip to the dry cleaners.

And if you’re curious about how powerful the SF-680 is, well, its 1350 wattage power is enough to produce steam in seconds and with a tank that holds ten ounces of water and uses a dual vaporizing method for significantly less moisture while steaming, you’ll only get professional results when using this bad boy. Just don’t tell your friends about it, since they’ll be really jealous of you!