Steamfast has asserted itself as a premier manufacturer of both home and commercial steamers. The introduction of the SF -510 steamer by the manufacturer has further sealed this position due to the many features that are available. It is designed in such a way that it is both gentle and thorough and can penetrate deep into almost all types of fabrics. The efficiency of this steamer stems from the speed and power with which it heats up as can be seen from the features discussed below.



To begin with, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is designed in a way that it can easily be detached and adjusted to suit the user specifications and comfort. This allows the steamer to be used by people with varying heights and also makes it very convenient to store it in any position. In addition to that, the steamer has an attachable fabric brush that users will find especially useful in brushing away hair particles and other loose threads from fabric.

Operating with 1500 watts of power, the steamer has the capability of heating up in a record 45 seconds and provides up to 50 minutes of continuous steam. This allows users to save on power costs while using this steamer. It is gentler and more effective on fabrics than ironing and as such, can be used on a variety of fabrics including curtains, clothes and upholstery.

The Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer also comes fitted with a clothes hanger that supports garments and makes it easy for users to steam their garments. The availability of the hanger is a thoughtful feature since it allows users to use the steamer anywhere in the house and not necessarily in a fixed position. The hanger easily collapses once steaming is done to allow the user to fold the SF -510 for storage.

Additionally, the SF-510 comes with a 46 oz capacity storage tank that can easily be removed for refilling. The tank holds enough water to allow users a considerable amount of time to steam without having to frequently break to refill while simultaneously ensuring the steamer is not cumbersome to move around.

Thoughtfully, Steamfast designers made it easy for users to store the SF-510 Fabric Steamer by ensuring there is a cord management system that allows for easy storage. Also, the system doubles up as storage for several other small accessories.

Last but not least, the steamer is fitted with wheels that make it easy to move around. With this, you do not have to carry the steamer from one place to another around the house.

Final Verdict

The Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer is meant for consumers who value quality and do not want to compromise on style as well. Whether you want to steam clothes or curtains, this steamer is your best companion and will definitely get the job done with little effort. From the design down to its features, the Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer aligns with your daily steaming needs.