Using the power of steam, the new Vapamore MR-75 was designed to sanitize and clean your clothes and your home better than a lot of the other steamers on the market today. Since this is a handheld steamer, the cleaning possibilities it offers are virtually unlimited. You can use it in order to steam your clothes, but also to clean the bathroom, your kitchen, grout and even for detailing your car.

What makes the MR-75 special is the fact that it is able to output steam at a PSI of 43.5 and since it uses high temperature steam, you won’t need to worry about using expensive and even dangerous cleaning chemicals in your house. And since it features a great array of fifteen attachments and accessories, it’s easy to realize that it can be used to clean just about any surface.

When it comes to steam time, the MR-75 can heat up in just four minutes and can help you steam your clothes or anything else you want for ten minutes at a time. As for the warranty, Vapamore is extremely confident in their product and that is why they offer a lifetime warranty for this model. If you know something about steamers and steam presses, then you already know that this kind of warranty is very rare in this industry and it goes to show that this is a very reliable product that’s never going to let you down.