Has Singer ever disappointed us when it comes to high quality steam presses that make your clothes look like brand new? Of course not and with their latest model, the Singer Sewing Steam Press, you’ll be able to get professional results twice as fast when compared to a traditional steam press. This model comes with a die-cast aluminum base, which allows for steady and easy pressing for perfectly looking garments.

To make sure the temperature is just right, you’ll be able to read it on the digital LED display, but you can also choose from a variety of temperature settings depending on the type of fabric you want to steam. The options include linen, cotton, wool, silk and also nylon.

The thing is that no matter how great a steam press may be, there are always those stubborn wrinkles that can give you a very hard time. However, with the Singer Sewing Steam Press you don’t need to worry about them, since with the burst mode activated, you can concentrate a higher amount of steam in order to easily remove those annoying wrinkles in seconds. As for the water tank, it’s capable of holding 300 ml, so it’s enough for you to easily steam a few garments without having to worry about refilling it.