Rowenta continues to manufacture great garment steamers as can be seen in the new Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer. The IS6200 steamer has a seamless design and is ideal for steaming most of the garments around your home. It is a comfortable steamer and is relatively mobile compared to other steamers on the market.



To begin with, the Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer is designed with a “tilt-n-roll” feature that makes it easy to transport. This is made possible by the availability of back wheels and a handle that can be used to pull it along as you move. The portability of the steamer is compounded by the availability of a hanger that makes it easy for users to steam. Fabrics can be hung to allow users to steam them from anywhere and not necessarily from a fixed position.

The Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer also comes with a removable water tank that has a capacity of 81oz. The water tank is transparent which gives users a clear view of the water level inside and allows them to know whether it is due for refilling. In the unlikely event that the water tank runs dry without the users knowledge, the steamer has a mechanism for automatically switching itself off.

With 81oz capacity, the steamer can run for a whole hour without any interruptions during steaming. It operates at 1500 watts of power that makes it efficient and able to sustain a full hour of continuous operation. A large steam head is fitted at the end to allow high output of steam. This makes it easier and more efficient to remove the wrinkles on your garment.

Also, the Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer is designed in such a way that the handle can be adjusted for comfort. This means that irrespective of the user’s height, the steamer can still be comfortably operated. The handle can also be pushed down after use for ease of storage. The hanger attached to the steamer can easily fold to allow for storage convenience.

Perhaps among the best features of this steamer is the foot-operated switch that has an indicator light. This makes it easy for users to switch the steamer on and off and the indicator light notifies the user of whether the steamer is on or off. In addition to that, the IS6200 steamer comes with a number of accessories including a lint pad and a fabric brush.

Final Verdict

The Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer was designed with style, comfort and quality in mind. This steamer remains cool during operation and ensures your steaming sessions are nothing but total pleasure. It reaches its desired temperature in a record time and therefore you might want to keep an eye on the temperature to avoid damage to fabric. All in all, the Rowenta IS6200 Fabric Steamer is one of the best and most convenient steamers in the market and is ideal for all your home steaming needs.