Produced in Germany, Rowenta irons are colloquially referred to as “the Mercedes of irons” and they deliver with the DG8430 garment steamer/iron combo suitable for home use. This clothes steamer has a separate base that holds a vast amount of water, so you are sure to get a steady and ample amount of continuous steam while you are using it.

This clothes steamers review will cover all of the pros and cons of the Rowenta DG8430. The most notable feature is the large amount of steam you will get while you are pressing your clothing. With one pass you can expect your garment to be completely pressed, making ironing exponentially easier. It has a precision tip which will allow you to get into the nooks and crannies of your clothing, making getting into corners and under buttons a breeze.

It features hundreds of holes along the ironing surface, all which emit steam, making the time you invest pressing clothes more productive. You can refill the base with water while you are in the middle of ironing and a handy valve along the side will collect those impurities that build up inside of the removable base and keep them separated.



The Rowenta DG8430 can press out tough wrinkles and smooth sharp creases. You can use this on hanging drapes or clothing while simultaneously adjusting the amount of steam emitted based on the type of fabric you are pressing. Avid sewers can press fabric and seams that can not be washed, as well as pre-shrink these fabrics. The water tank can contain thirty three ounces of water for one hour of pressing your garments. The fact that you can remove the base makes it easier to clean, and the DG8430 comes equipped with a base that you can rest it on when you need to store or secure it, especially when you are moving it.

Additionally, the Rowenta does heat up rather quickly for a clothes steamer with a large tank. It heats up fully in three minutes, compared to similar models that will take seven minutes or even ten to fifteen to produce steam. The Rowenta DG8430 is also user friendly. You are able to refill the tank at any time, and luckily for you, the opening is wide enough to make refilling an easy task.

Final Verdict

If you are a home user with a large family, large amount of clothing, or just a lot of ironing to do, the Rowenta DG8430 is a good pick. It is a little pricier, but the time you would save would make up for this con. If you only have a moderate load of clothing to iron, you might want to look at other clothes steamers. The cost of the Rowenta DG8430 may be hard to justify if you don’t have too many clothes to contend with. However fans of sewing will enjoy the fact that you can pre-shrink fabrics without needing to wash them, and consumers who have clothes with many buttons, seams or intricate details will also likely appreciate the Rowenta.

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