Thats a good question and fortunately it’s relatively simple.  Clothes steamers are not large appliances that take up a ton of storage.  But its helpful to know that there are floor models and handheld models.  Floor models are going to be more powerful but less convenient.  Here is a breakdown:

Floor Models: This is the original version of the clothes steamer and it’s average size is about 60 inches tall and 10 inches wide.  They typically weigh 8 to 12 pounds depending on the model.  Some have advanced storage options to make tucking them away easier when not in use.  You can see our reviews here:

Compact Handheld Steamers: These are just as they sound!  Smaller, compact, easy to use models.  Of course they are not going to be as powerful as the floor models but they definitely do the trick.  They are great for traveling but also nice to have in the laundry room for a quick clothing refresh.  There are a quite a few models out there and we have reviewed some.  You can find the reviews here: