Wrinkles can ruin even the most expensive and beautiful outfits. A convenient way to refresh clothes and iron out wrinkles is with a clothes steamer. A steamer can work faster than ironing, but not all clothing steamers are effective. You will need to find the best clothes steamer for the job. The internet is a good source of information and there are many review sites that provide some honest clothing steamer reviews.

When you are shopping for a clothes steamer, there are two important features to consider. The first feature refers to the time necessary for the steamer to heat up and become ready for the job. Some models might take longer to heat up, while others can take just up to 15 minutes. So, if time factor is important for you, then you’ll need to check this feature when you shopping.

The other clothes steamer feature that you have to consider is the overall temperature of steam. High temperature is better because it can get our any stubborn creases and it also has kills germs. However, usually high temperature models are also high wattage units and this will consume a lot of electricity and make an impact on your utility bills.

Clothing steamers come in two main styles, each one with a specific purpose. There is the compact or portable clothing steamer that is suitable for travel or for home if you don’t have enough space to accommodate a full-size unit. But most of these portable units are underpowered, are cheaply built, or spit water. Even if over the last few years the quality of compact steamers has become better, there is still discrepancy between their performance. Usually compact steamers will give you around 15 minutes per fill

There is also the full-size steamer that comes in consumer and professional models. Some of the full-size steamers can be very expensive, especially the professional models. A reliable full-size clothing steamer will ensure your clothes look good.

How it works

A clothes steamer is intended to remove wrinkles from clothes. There are different types and designs, but their basic principle of functioning is based on heated water that turns to steam and is released through a wide nozzle. By holding the nozzle up to the wrinkled areas the steam will remove the wrinkles. This process is much simpler than using the ironing board and the iron and anyone hold a clothes steamer up to a dress or shirt in order to remove wrinkles. Clothes steamers can also be used on other items such as pillows, beddings, and blankets.

Types of clothes steamers

Besides being portable or full size, clothes steamers come in a variety of shapes, designs, and brands. Based on size and typical use they can be classified in travel steamers, standing garment steamers, and handheld steamers.

Standing clothes steamers are the most common on the market. Travel clothes steamers are compact and portable. They are small enough to fit in your luggage when traveling. Handheld clothes steamers are a hybrid between the travel steamer and the standing steamer. They are smaller and occupy less space than the standing models. This makes them suitable for users with modest budgets and small apartments.

Advantages of clothes steamers

Steamers are efficient at reducing clothing wrinkles, have the ability to restore some types of fabrics, reduce wear and tear on clothing, and allow users to save money on professional ironing services.

Best clothes steamer

There are some clothing steamer models well known for their good quality, design, performance, comfort and value. For instance, the Rowenta IS6300 model is a good choice. It is well made, comes in a mid-price range, and it is able to get rid of wrinkles out of clothing. This model features a built-in vertical surface for convenient and easy to steaming.

Another good model is the Rowenta DG8430, a cross between a clothing steamer and a traditional iron. This model excels in the creasing ability of the iron and the quick steaming ability that delivers impressive results.

In the compact steamer category, the Shark Press and Refresh is one of the best-selling models. This comes with an innovative design, featuring useful control settings for excellent results. You can use it with any type of clothing and the results are as good as those delivered by the full-size steamers.