As the name implies, this is a steamer that is not only mini, it is also highly rated by those who have used it. One features you are going to love is the retractable cord; you can plug it in, and when you are done, the cord will retract with the push of a button, so no tangles, and no need to sit there rolling the cord after you use it.

And, even though it is mini, does not mean it will not do what the larger machines can do. it comes with a number of attachments, so you are going to be able to use the best clothe steamer on various items of clothing, or on larger, and thicker materials, which you want to get the tough wrinkles out of.


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Main Features

It comes with a travel bag; not only can you bring the steamer with you, you can also bring along the items you need when you are going to steam a suit, or other items you bring along with you on a trip. You can bring this steamer with you anywhere, and it is barely going to take up any room in the luggage, as it is so compact, and everything folds away for easy storage when it is not in use.

Even though it is small, the reviews which have been left by customers who own it, claim that you are going to get quite a bit of steam, even though it is only a fraction of the size of a traditional steamer that you would purchase.

It does take a bit more time for it to heat up; in comparison to about one minute with a larger steamer, this one is going to take from two to three minutes for you to heat it up to the desired temperature for use. It is also not going to remain as hot, for as long a period of time.

So, you can expect to get about thirty minutes of use out of it, especially if you have it set up at the highest temperature when you are using this little device for steaming. These are a few of the drawbacks to keep in mind if you do plan on using this steamer; you are not going to be able to do as much, as it has a smaller tank, so you will have to refill it far more often as well.


Although it is small, Joy Mangano My Little Steamer – GO MINI does provide high heat settings, it produces quite a bit of steam, and it will get the wrinkles out of your clothes. It is portable, it comes with all needed attachments, and it allows you to go for at least half an hour, so you can use it on the most important garments.

The small size may look weak to most, but it can produce great results. Plus, it is quite reasonably priced as well, so you will not pay as much as you would for a full size steamer when you choose this model.


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